Guidelines for Visitors

Out of privacy and respect to our children, we have developed the following guidelines for visitors to The Growing Place:




1. Visitors must sign in and wear a name tag. *Student ID and/or a copy of your syllabus are required for student observations.

2. Photography and video recording of any kind is not permitted without explicit and advance permission from The Growing Place, and the parents of the children being photographed or filmed. 

3. Student observations are up to 2 hours, unless arrangements have been made through the office.

4. Students or Visitors may not assist children or staff. If a child needs help, please alert a staff member of their need.

5. We do not permit gum, candy, soda, cell phones or smoking on our campuses.

6. Please be mindful of the number of adults in each classroom. Do not cluster.

7. Sit down. Please let teachers and children continue with their activities undisturbed.

8. Teaching staff is not available for questions or interviews during observations. If you have general questions based on your observations, please direct them to the office manager.

9. Confidentiality is critical. If you make notes or observations, do not use the real names of our children.