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In 1985….

a small school opened its doors in Santa Monica.

30 years later…

we have grown into 2 campuses, 7 classrooms and 135 students.

What’s Next?

The Growing Place is still committed to the same mission it had when we first opened our doors 30 years ago: providing children of full-time working families with quality education. Through the development of a Tuition Assistant Program, a parent education series, and a strong professional development program, we have been able to stay true to our mission and provide exemplary early education as we navigate and adapt to the changing world around us. With this landmark anniversary, we are excited at looking forward to what the future holds. We could have never anticipated this is where The Growing Place would be today when the doors opened in 1985 and we can only imagine what The Growing Place will be like in 2045. What we do know is it will need the love and commitment from families and community members like you.

What else does Annual Investment support?

The funds raised from our Annual Investment Campaign help us maintain the services and learning experiences we strive to provide for our families.  These include:


  • TGP Tuition Assistance Program. This program provides opportunities for families to attend who might not be able to otherwise. It ensures our program reflects diversity within our community.
  • Professional Development. To support our teachers in their journey to grow as professionals and also provide exemplary care and education, we are deeply committed to professional development. We dedicate 6 training days each year to engage our staff in deeper practical and philosophical ideas that support their work in the classroom and with parents.
  • Parent Education Program. We engage with Nora Daley, MFT and Child Development Specialist from Family Service of SM to provide additional support to parents and children at TGP. We also offer a Parenting Series free to our parents.
  • Materials. From clay to plants to paint to books, our children thrive in environments where they can experience their world. To provide them with a world of discovery we commit to providing classrooms with supplies that meet their curriculum and exploration needs along with maintaining an assortment of materials that are regularly used in class work.


Make Your Donation Today

What Your Gift Could Mean to The Growing Place:

$1,400 Secures ONE staff member’s annual training 

for teaching the Reggio way

$3,000 Sustains our Tuition Assistance program for ONE week

$7,000 Provides EACH classroom with materials annually to inspire, create & learn

Frequently Asked Questions

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Doesn’t tuition cover all the costs?

Not completely. Tuition covers around 80% of our operating cost and the Annual Campaign closes the gap between tuition and expenses. We pride ourselves on the ability to operate a full day, year round quality program at a tuition rate that is comparable to many part-day programs on the Westside. Some of what distinguishes our program – like quality teachers, materials and a diverse community are supported through our Annual Investment Campaign.

What am I expected to contribute?

Each family must determine what amount they are able to contribute. Every gift is important and 100% parent participation is critical to help us reach our goal.


Are gifts to the Annual Investment Campaign considered tax-deductible?

Yes! TGP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Does TGP accept matching gifts from companies?

We are thilled you asked! Many companies have matching programs for their employees and every year we are the grateful recipients of corporate matching gifts.

 Who should give to The Growing Place? 

Anyone whose life has been impacted by The Growing Place. From current families and grandparents to community members and alumni, any and all support truly  can help us sustain the quality care we provide families for the next 30 years!