Our Board

The Growing Place Board of Directors, acting in concert as the trustees for our schools, has several responsibilities. It prepares the mission statement and sets long range goals and objectives for the program as a whole. The Board is accountable for the financial well being of The Growing Place including capital assets, operating budgets, fundraising and endowments.

The Board selects, supports, nurtures, and works with the Executive Director to establish goals. They evaluate the Executive Director. The Board also evaluates itself annually, keeps accurate records, assures compliance with laws and regulations, and insures it’s own development through board recruitment and leadership succession planning.

Authority is invested in the Board as a whole and members guard against conflict of interest and take great care to balance the needs of the many constituencies in the program. An individual board member does not become involved in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues. A trustee who learns of an issue has the obligation to bring it to the Executive Director and not to deal with the issue individually.

As well as upholding the mission in the short term, the Board works to insure the long-term future of The Growing Place. Board Members are required to separate the interests of The Growing Place from the specific needs of a particular child, parent, teacher or other constituency.

The Growing Place Board currently meets monthly and is composed of members of the community, alumni parents, current parents, grandparents and the Executive Director. To reach the Growing Place Board please contact The Growing Place office (310) 399-7769.